France is a country located in Western Europe, bordered by Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. The south of the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the west and north-west by waters of Biscay, the English Channel and the Pas de Calais (Atlantic Basin). In the southwest, forming a natural border with Spain, the Pyrenees mountain range is located. In the south-east of the country are the French Alps.

France has a temperate climate with mild winters, with the exception of mountain areas and the north-east.
As for the south coast, there is a pleasant Mediterranean climate, spring and autumn rains are coming unexpected, but do not last long, and solar soft summer is usually long, with occasional rain.

About 24% of the state is occupied by deciduous and coniferous forests.
Mediterranean coast is one of the favorite holiday destinations for travellers.
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On the Promenade in Nice, as well as in Cannes and beyond the edge of this grace, it is curious to observe diversely dressed people speaking in all languages. Jokes are that here, as in Paris, you can rather meet a foreigner than a Frenchman. The competition to Cote d'Azur in the quality of rest will be the southern Atlantic coast of France, the Basque lands (Biarritz, Saint-Jean de Luz, Sibur, etc.) and Landes (Osegor, Cape Breton, Leon, Vieux-Boucau, etc.)

Vast expanses of white sandy beaches of Landes, combined with virgin pine forests and forest lakes (Landes is the largest forest in Europe), a developed tourist infrastructure, especially convenient for families, attract here in the summer the Parisians and the inhabitants of the neighboring European countries without a warm sea shore, and strangely enough, the Spanish (Spanish Atlantic coast is rocky and steep, and having access to the ocean, the Spaniards are unable to fully enjoy its proximity to the beaches, soak, swim). The exception is San Sebastian, but property prices are sky-high there and the population density, much too high. In summer, on the beaches, streets of Landes and neighboring Basque lands you can hear the Spanish, German, English languages almost as often as the French. Curiously, most of the people who come here on vacation, do not do it for one time and come annually, even without their own homes here. And if the whole of France is experiencing some stagnation in prices, on the ocean beaches of Basque Land and Landes, as well as in Paris and the French Riviera, they are slowly but surely creeping up. This also contributes to a severe restriction on the land use in the construction of housing. The investment in real estate in these areas is always a winning option certainly.